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Okay, I'm happy to share my recipes. I'm not one of those annoying people that tell you they're taking their recipes with them to the grave. That's just dumb. However, these burgers are not really a science. Or a recipe. I put the same stuff in them every time, but as for amounts and such, you're pretty much on your own.

So… you take a bunch of ground beef
Add about a 1/4 cup of worchestershire sauce (that's the only one I have an amount for, because you really don't want to overdo it here)
Add some dehydrated onion flakes
Add some deydrated garlic slices (we found these at Costco and my kitchen has never been the same!)
Then I have this spice (another thing I cannot live without). It's called Red Baron Barbeque Spice. I put a bunch of that into the meat. Those of you in California can probably pick this up at your grocery store. I never had a problem finding it when I lived there. I can't find it in Utah though, so I ordered it from

Mix it all together real good (you have to use your hands for this)
Form into decent sized patties (We like the monster-sized variety, obviously)
Arrange onto a broiling pan (or you could grill it if you were so inclined)
Sprinkle the top of each patty generously with more barbeque spice.

Preheat your broiler. Now broiling times vary depending on how much you like your burger done and also how big the patties are. I cooked the ones in the picture for 5 minutes on each side. When I flip to the other side, I sprinkle more spice onto the new "top". About a minute before it's done, I put the bacon and cheese on top. I usually just use one piece of cooked bacon (cut in half) per patty and one slice of cheese. In this case, I used cheddar, but my favorite is the bacon SWISS burger. With sauteed mushrooms. Mmmmmm.

So there you have it. Happy burgering.

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