Date Night courtesy of the pagan god of Free Stuff

Since we've been budgeting, I've been paying real close attention to coupons that come in the mail. The other day, we got a coupon for a free movie rental (no strings attached) at Hollywood Video. That was good, but then we got a postcard in the mail addressed to my dad (Thanks, Dad!) for a free pizza at our favorite pizza place (Rock Creek Pizza). The postcard said, "Welcome to the neighborhood!" Apparently, the pizza people think that my dad lives here. Which is awesome. I'm wondering how I can convince the pizza people to believe that the rest of my relatives moved in. I have a lot of cousins, you see.

Voilà! Instant date night.

The beautiful part is that the pizza postcard was for a one-topping pizza. But we didn't want a one-topping pizza, so when we ordered the premium vegetarian (the best pizza ever) we explained we had the coupon but we'd be happy to pay extra for the additional toppings. When we got there though, they didn't charge us a dime. We just walked out with a premium pizza instead of a one-topping because the teenager that worked the register was probably too lazy to ring up all the toppings individually.

Then when we went to Hollywood Video, we picked out a movie and went to the register. Jesse had been laughing at whatever movie was on in the store, so he asked what it was called. The lady told him and then asked him if he wanted to go get it and she would give him a "rent one get one free" deal. Jesse was interested in doing that, so I asked him if we were going to just save the freebie coupon for another time. Then the lady at the register looked at our coupon and told us she'd just let us take both movies for free!

We stopped at the grocery store next door for movie snacks, but unfortunately no one gave me any free candy. I guess all good things really do come to an end eventually. 

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4 Responses

  1. Vanessa says:

    Those are some awesome deals. When we found out that my sister was pregnant, my ever so frugal little brother went online and started filling out all of these surveys for parents to be and has been getting formula, baby wipes, diapers, all KINDS of baby supplies for free in the mail. I need to figure out how to get some of these free deals. 

  2. Bill says:

    your mom & I used to go grocery shopping for a date. Then we could spend money and not feel bad about it. Free is good as long as there are no strings attached

  3. shannon says:

    Oddly good details. You didn't happen to be waving a pistol around in the air when you were in these places, did you?

  4. shannon says:

    oops. I meant oddly good deals, not details.

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