We’ve been sitting in the waiting area for almost three hours now. Liam’s been going through his surgery and we’ve been doing anything we can to distract ourselves. It’s the longest wait imaginable. I don’t know how the parents here for heart or brain surgery are doing it.

We did Liam’s pre-op appointments yesterday. It took around 4 hours for all of them and he was a trooper. We even got him to nap through all of the x-rays. Afterwards, we took him to the aquarium to look at fish. He was too tired to get very excited, but he sure did a lot of looking around. And he wasn’t cool with the manta ray getting that close to him, glass tank or not.

He slept long and deep last night, exhausted from the long day. He woke up in a good mood this morning, blissfully unaware of what his day held.

Two hours or so of surgery to go. It feels like forever.

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2 Responses to Waiting

  1. We’re praying for Liam. Keep us posted. Love you guys!

  2. nonna says:

    We are all keeping abreast of the surgery. Carla and I are leaving tomorrow for Italy, but have a computer with us and will check frequently. You are all troopers.
    Love to All.
    Grandma & umpa

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