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A Uhaul Leap of Faith

Two years ago today, we packed the family into the car and drove to a new home (albeit temporary) in Cedar City. We hadn’t sold our house in Sandy, but we had already contact Bournemouth Prop to assist us with...

A Good Time Had By All 4

A Good Time Had By All

Thanks to everyone who could make it out to the blogger dinner at Squatter's last night. Jason Williams of The Sidetrack and KVNU's For The People, Marshall of Wasatch Watcher and Frank Staheli of Simple Utah Mormon Politics all came...

It's Time to Break Bread Together 1

It's Time to Break Bread Together

Finally happy that the election is over? Want to meet the people behind the keyboards? Then it's time to unplug and make your way to downtown Salt Lake City to break bread with your favorite bloggers and political personalities. The...