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To Build or Not To Build

There comes a time in the course of a computer geek’s computing that he (or she) realizes that upgrading has been put off for WAY too long. That time came the other night as the desktop started choking on HD … Continue reading

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Millcreek Says "Smell you later" to Other Townships

An article recently published in the Salt Lake Tribune comes as further evidence that Millcreek is playing a game of "look out for number one" at the expense of other townships. It seems that the township considers incorporation or annexation … Continue reading

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Social Blunder #6

When the vast majority of your co-workers think you're "Most Likely to Go Postal", it's a bad idea to joke about bringing in an AK-47. Just sayin'.

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Sneak peek

We're not done yet. It's taking forever and we still don't have the ability to use the stove/oven or sink. But we just dropped the sink in tonight and doesn't it look so pretty with the counter top? My neighbor, … Continue reading

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Richard M. Stallman: Tactless and Tasteless in the Wake of the Peru Quake

In a move seemingly designed to compete with Bob Murray's recent insensitivity, Richard M. Stallman, a founding figure of the free software movement, decided to end a short article about the recent earthquake in Peru with a bizarre nonsequitur paragraph … Continue reading

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The Special Session Was an Unnecessary Waste of Time

How long does it take legislators to figure out the complex issues surrounding the recent school district splits? More than one week of preparation and one day of actual special session apparently. About the only results produced from dragging legislators … Continue reading

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Social Blunder #84

A voice mail is not the place to start monologuing. Leaving me a 2-minute message to say what could be said in 20 seconds means it'll take that much longer for me to call you back (plus the time to … Continue reading

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Defeating Despotism One Kitchen Counter at a Time

The trip to Home Despot is often enough to make me drag my heels for weeks on basic home improvement tasks. It's usually too crowded, nobody useful works there, nothing is labeled. I suppose if you're a elbow-throwing contractor that … Continue reading

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Counter Chunks, Part Deux (Or: Why I’d like to hunt down the people who lived here before us)

So… many more pieces of counter just spontaneously fell off . And then the counter turned into the giant scab on your arm that you just can’t leave alone. I picked at it and picked at it… until this happened: … Continue reading

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Royal India in Sandy worthy of applause

Last night, Jesse and I checked out a restaurant we've heard some good things about: Royal India . It's in Sandy in the same shopping center as Smith's. I was a little reluctant at first because it's one of those … Continue reading

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