Monthly Archive: February 2010

Liam's Hand Surgery 0

Liam's Hand Surgery

A lot of people are asking about it, so I thought maybe I should just get it written down in one spot so I stop having to repeat myself. Liam’s hand surgery has been scheduled for April 28 at Children’s...

Recipe: Savory Butternut Squash 0

Recipe: Savory Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is one of those ingredients that seems to intimidate a lot of cooks. It’s often served in fancy soups in fancy restaurants, an ingredient like filet mignon that seems out of reach of the home cook. Well that’s...

The Sunday Nap Conundrum 1

The Sunday Nap Conundrum

Shauna and I are normally very excited to have 11AM church. It gives you just enough time to sleep in and be lazy in the morning without spending all day waiting until it’s time to go. When we got the...