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Seer stones as a token

A lot has been written lately about the LDS Church revealing pictures of the seer stones used by Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon. I thought I should add my two cents. To anyone who has paid attention … Continue reading

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On Excommunication

I’ve already pretty clearly drawn my line in the sand on the Ordain Women movement, so I can’t express any amount of surprise at the news that the leader of the movement may be facing an excommunication hearing. I think … Continue reading

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On Picking Fights

Dear people who keep on trying to put science and religion at odds with each other at every opportunity, Stop. Sincerely, Religious people who think science is pretty darn awesome and don’t intend to change their minds anytime soon. PS … Continue reading

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Twitter as a General Conference Tool

A lot of people don’t really get Twitter. To be honest, I didn’t get it either until I actually started using it. Up until this weekend, I used it primarily to share links and get customer service escalation as well … Continue reading

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