Twitter Updates for 2009-03-11

  • I’d really like to upgrade to a quad-core CPU with 8GB of RAM. Running a VM and ripping a DVD at the same time means slooow PC. #
  • I don’t mind a crunch project here or there, but when a half dozen projects all decide at once that they want to cram, it doesn’t work. #
  • I think it’s time to retire WinAmp and look for another media player. I already use VLC for all of my video. #
  • We have a winner. Goodbye, WinAmp. Hello, foobar2000. #
  • @JMBell I’ve got three-letter solutions: VNC, RDP, KVM. #
  • Live Mesh + MSSQL attached DB = FAIL. It does not handle open files very gracefully. #
  • @cboyack Tell me about it. FF was chewing a half gig of RAM earlier today after just 6 hours of use. #
  • I’m totally burned out on work now. There’s only so many times I can get frustrated at someone who can’t follow directions before I go nuts. #

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