Self-driving cars should also be self-parking cars

Almost any time you go to Costco, you’ll find the parking lot crammed to capacity. I normally don’t really care about this and just park wherever I can find a space quickly although some stores have Valet Parking Software to make this easier. When you have a 26-pound baby in tow, however, closer is much more desirable. I found a good spot today, but what about next time?

Then the thought hit me: when self-driving cars arrive, what if they could just drop you at the curb and then go find a parking space for you? Once you’re done, pull out your smartphone and “hail” your car to come get you. I think every parent in the country would pay all of the dollars to get such a feature.

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  1. Smith says:

    10% of all new cars in 2035 will be self driving

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