Twitter Updates for 2009-03-06

  • @cboyack More literally so in many areas of Nevada. in reply to cboyack #
  • It’s so easy to bypass a web filter using an SSH tunnel. Why even bother blocking YouTube, eh? #
  • @triplej2676 Well, *I* haven’t eaten yet, but I won’t get grossed out. in reply to triplej2676 #
  • @ShaunaKay Welcome to blogging for the ADHD. in reply to ShaunaKay #
  • It kind of bugs me that Utahns call frybread a scone. Because it isn’t. #
  • @Saintless I want one of those kits. in reply to Saintless #
  • RT @windley: Computer scientists deploy first practical, web-based secure, verifiable voting system #
  • RT @Nessacery: Job searching? Britain is in need of clowns who can secure the proper visas #
  • Does anyone take Craig Moffett seriously anymore? His predictions of doom for Verizon FIOS proved wrong, so now he goes after wireless. #
  • @jeremy_slc That’s nothing a good SSH proxy can’t fix, but you pretty much have to be a geek to set one up. in reply to jeremy_slc #
  • Saturn may not be dead yet. Just got a letter from them that after 2011, they could be spun into a new company. Yay! #
  • @cboyack What on earth is going on in Georgia? Seems like all of the bank failures are there. in reply to cboyack #
  • Just updated the main website to WordPress 2.7.1. It’s working awesome so far. #

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