We're used to this kind of ridiculous

For lunch, I was chomping down a few clementine oranges (arguably one of the best things about winter) and Liam was watching me very intently. Since he was cool with drinking a bunch of my orange juice at breakfast less than a week ago, I wondered if maybe he was ready to broaden his horizons just a little bit. I offered him a section which he promptly refused, in his typical fashion, with a grunt that sounded like I’d just offered him rat poison. When I offered him a whole, unpeeled orange, however, he promptly started biting into it, breaking the skin. This isn’t as weird as it gets, though. I peeled off a small piece of the skin where he bit into it, offered it to him, and he acted again like I was trying to poison him.

I’m sure that whatever home planet he’s from misses him.

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