New Website Features: Sociable, E-mail Obfuscator

Most of you probably noticed the Digg This button that shows up a few days ago and now notice that it's been replaced with a bunch of little icons. They represent various social bookmarking websites where you can share blog posts or other web pages that you like. There will, in the future, also be buttons to add it to some other blog-tracking services. Right now, there are three buttons for Digg,, and Blogmarks. I'm working on some for Google's Personalized Homepage and Bloglines. If there are others you want, let me know. (Provided courtesy of the Sociable plugin for WordPress.)

I've also added an e-mail obfuscater that hides posted e-mail addresses. They still work when you click on them, and they'll even look normal when you see them on the page. It will, however, confuse spammers trying to grab an e-mail address. Take that. (Provided courtesy of the E-mail Obfuscator plugin for WordPress.)

I'm still working on making a working Events calendar on our website, though I've got some testing to do in order to make it look right. It'll show up on a separate page with a neat little calendar, or so I'm told. It'll also allow you to subscribe to the calendar of events through software like iCal for MacOS, Sunbird for Windows, or Google's Calendar service. How nifty is that?

As a reminder, you can always subscribe to e-mail updates to be appraised of when we post new entries. It's as simple as filling in a form and clicking a link in a confirmation e-mail. If you're not the "obsessive website checker" or "RSS feed demon" type, this will probably suit your need to know when we've posted recently. 

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  1. Shauna says:

    I rather like when people check our blog obsessively. It makes me feel important. Important enough to have stalkers.

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